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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Youtube App For Android Phones Updated – Got New Useful Features

Youtube is one of the most fascinating things available on the internet these days. You can watch million of videos from different users and also share your own videos with other Youtube users. Enough of that, now let me tell you something that might not know of till know. Youtube was created by three former PayPal members in February 2005, this company is based in California and uses adobe flash video technology to display and playback videos. With this technology users can watch videos online without having to Download them onto their computers.
Most of the Video on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals although corporate world also uses it to promote its ideas and products with an interactive procedure that allows users to vote or like and unlike videos, they can also comment on other videos. This system of watching videos has become so popular that there is an application available for every platform available. iphone even comes with a Youtube application preloaded. So talking about applications, how could have android stayed behind. The best part is that today the latest version of Youtube for Android is out and it is full of new features that will make watching videos on small android device just like what you experience on a PC.

This app was rebuilt from the grounds up to mirror the Youtube desktop experience. This is the fastest and the most intuitive Youtube mobile app to date.
So the new features are as follows :
  • In Page Playback : You can read the video description, browse related, rate or flag videos without having to interrupt video playback.
  • Posting Comments : Comment can be posted while the video is playing
  • Subscription updates : If you are signed onto your account then all the updates would be visible to you on your homescreen.
  • Full Screen User Interface : If you rotate the phone then you will enter the Full Screen Mode  you can also pause and playback the video by just tapping on the screen.
Note : This application will work only if your device works on Android 2.2
To install this app just search for it in the app market.

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