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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Resco Photo Viewer for mobiles

Resco Photo Viewer for S60 3rd & 5th Editions 
This post is about an mobile application that allows you to edit and view photos that are stored in our mobile phones.they are specially designed for the latest N-series phones and symbian mobile phones.the application is called Resco photo viewer.its advantage over the default photo viewer is that it is very fast than the inbuilt photo case you own E series phones or other phones then Resco Photo
Viewer might prove to be a better option than the default pictureviewer application.


Excellent Viewer

  • Many image formats
  • Speed, speed, speed everywhere: Images, thumbnails, navigation...
  • Do you have thousands of images? No problem.
  • Comfortable viewer with zoom, pan and color adjustment

Nice Presentations

  • Slideshow with attractive effects
  • Customized slideshows (presentations)
  • Slideshow music

Image management

  • True image manager with folder manipulation. Do you have a large card?
  • True image editing. Need to send a smaller image?

And many Extras

  • GIF animations
  • Faxes
  • Make use of the image GPS information
  • Read image Exif data (camera settings...)
  • Assign image to contact
  • Set image as wallpaper
  • Send/receive images

A few details

  • Jpg, jpg2000, bmp, gif, png, wbmp, ota
  • Multipage mbm, tif/F
  • Crop, resize, rotate, color editing
  • Full folder management
  • MMS, e-mail, BT, IR
  • Multi-selection support nearly 8 times faster than default picture viewer
2 .you can view the images in the thumbnails of 14 and 44 along with a
list view which definitely shows more information about the image. provides a large number of keypad shortcut. can directly jump to Google maps from the geotagged information in the image options.


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