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Monday, January 12, 2009

Security against technology

Hi to all you are heard a news about china mobile that will banned in India by Indian operators by order of government of India on 06-01-2009 because some of china mobile not traced by operators it's true. Because china mobile used by terrorist activates earlier in mumbai attack.

You are hearing different type news about china mobile type people different type news some one says the china mobile which is made in 2006-2007.

Only that are mobiles going to band & some body says only some series will be band of china mobile how can they ban it because u cant trace by imei which phone is Chinese. Most of brands using Same cup’s as Chinese like mtk-based phones (spice, zte, lg). After flashing or formatting imei comes to something like 13571234xxxxx either chins or branded. How operators going to ban such phones.... just think about it.

Operator is totally prepared to bane china mobile in India. But waiting for government order. After apply that order more than 20- 25 lakh china mobile are useless for talking together.

The government strongly order to all operator which is working in India that they are barred their sim card which are not trace with imei no.

That’s why I m request to all that support us against terrorism.

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